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One of the lovely things about porcelain is its translucency.

This makes it perfect for creating very individual, unique lights.

I make these in a variety of sizes and a few different standard shapes, but can also work to other dimensions if you have a particular requirement. 

They are all made to commission, so you can choose any colour or design from my collections to work with your interior.

Price guide:

Conical shape (like an upside-down bowl):

Size 1. Large. Approx height 16cm, diameter 22cm.  £210

Size 2 Approx height 14cm, diameter 20cm. £170

Size 3 Approx height 12cm, diameter 17cm.  £140

Size 4 Approx height 11cm, diameter 15 cm. £110

Cylinder shape:

Approx height 15cms. £110

Large bell shape (taller with a narrow neck):

Approx height 24cms. £350

Porcelain lights, teal, lime, orange
Bell shape lamp. Grey green splash with ash top
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