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I have always drawn and designed and love the energy of random lines or marks, from a sketch, painting, beach combing. Anything is potential, found or seen. I draw and paint, alongside making pots, and enjoy how a simple line or mark can completely alter a piece and how the same shapes repeated, but with very different decoration, can form a cohesive family.

Small rounded Burg olive splash2.jpg
Large bud. indigo.JPG
Screenshot 2024-03-03 at 17.59.29.png
Pendant bell. Blues Scene with oakx.jpg
Pendant bell. Blue grey splash with oak.jpg

My most recent newsletter is available, click on the image to see what this season's events are.

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I was delighted to be featured in Ceramic Review magazine last August. I film of me making my wash basins and talking about my work can be found on YouTube, just click on the image to have a look.

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 20.01.41.png
Framed tile. Yellow and green landscape
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